“Unscheduled aircraft maintenance” caused Swoop airlines to cancel 11 flights

Dozens of impacted travelers learned the news at Hamilton’s airport tonight, others received the frustrating news through email. Confusion remains as travelers have said that their questions are going unanswered as customer service for Swoop doesn’t operate on weekends.

Swoop airlines issuing a statement saying “First and foremost we’d like to apologize.” They say they are “working around the clock to re-book impacted travelers on the next available swoop flight”. But travelers are forced to reschedule business meetings and their vacation plans.

The airline is only citing maintenance issues for the cancellations. Last week a flight to Vegas was cancelled in Hamilton after the airline received reports during boarding that something may have been thrown into the engine and a maintenance inspection was required.

Meanwhile, angry family members are turning to social media. Some saying “Thanks for ruining my daughter and son in laws vacation that’s been booked for months especially when she took time off without pay..” another one saying “My mom needs to get her heart medication tomorrow at the latest and now you’ve cancelled her flight home to Hamilton”. Some passengers who are in Orlando are now stuck there for another three days.

Others posting online that this was their first attempt using Swoop for their parents to come visit but the only available option is to fly this Friday. Tonight Swoop issued another statement saying the maintenance was unrelated to the delayed flight to Vegas last week. They say affected travellers will be provided with accommodation, meals, and transportation as needed and those that wished to cancel can do so for a full refund.