Toronto Zoo welcomes litter of cheetah cubs

The Toronto Zoo is welcoming a litter of cheetah cubs.

The zoo says Emarah, a 4 ½-year-old cheetah, gave birth just after 3:30 a.m. on Monday after a 92-day pregnancy.

It is Emarah’s first litter. The zoo says one cub didn’t survive but three appear to be doing well and have been nursing and wriggling around close to their mother.

“She has been very attentive and has been seen grooming and nursing the cubs, both of which are excellent signs for a first-time mother,” said the zoo in a post on Facebook. “She also has been comfortable enough to start leaving the den to feed and to stretch her legs.”

When cheetah cubs are born, their eyes are closed so it will be about a week before the little ones open their eyes.

Staff will monitor Emarah and her cubs with cameras in order to minimize disturbances and allow the animals to bond.

The zoo says that unless there is cause for concern, it will be a few weeks before the cubs get a full vet checkup.