Police are warning drivers to be cautious after a fatal motorcycle crash in Milton

A fatal motorcycle crash in Milton has police warning drivers and bikers alike to be extra cautious this riding season.

Halton regional police say the 38 year old man who was riding his motorcycle lost control at the bend in the road, and slid into the opposite lane.

Police say the motorcyclist was hit by a white Ford pick up truck on Appleby line at Limestone road in Milton. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. It’s the first motorcycle fatality of the season in the area and as more and more bikes hit the pavement, the Ontario provincial police are urging everyone on the road to be careful.

Constable Ed Sanchuk says drivers need to give motorcyclists space and make sure blind spots are always being checked. Motorcyclists need to be extremely aware of their surroundings, and test out their bikes. Halton regional police say the investigation into this tragedy is on going.

Halton police have said that they are considering speed and loss of traction as potential factors in the crash. For the most part the snow is gone, there are still many dangers for bikers this early in the season like salt and grit on the road adding that the cold temperatures also have an impact on tires and traction.