Niagara MPP under fire for pledge to end abortion

A pledge to end abortion has MPP Sam Oosterhoff under fire Thursday.

The Progressive Conservative stood in front of demonstrators at a pro-life rally at Queen’s Park and vowed to make abortion ‘unthinkable’.

New Democrats say they’re horrified by the comments, and the PC’s deflection of questions about women’s reproductive rights.

“We pledge to fight to make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime…. yes we will”

In a video shared by NDP staffers, Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff is cheered on by pro-life demonstrators alongside his fellow PC MPPs Christina Mitas and Will Bouma.

Oosterhoff tried to dodge journalists afterwards, but eventually made a statement.

“To quote Dr. Seuss. ‘A person is a person no matter how small.’ I’ve always said I’m pro-life. I will always speak for children, who are too young to speak for themselves, who have no voice. I will always be a voice for the voiceless.”

But what garnered even more fury from the NDP and the Green Party, was the PC’s deflection when asked if they support the anti abortion comments made by Oosterhoff.

Ford passed the question to the Minister of Energy, who made no mention of abortion, instead he brought up the carbon tax.

“We are protecting what matters mister speaker. We are focused on a healthcare system that addresses the needs of every person who lives in Ontario. We are concerned mister speaker, for example the the job killing carbon tax, would compromise the resources of hospitals.”

The NDP saying the PC’s reaction to the comments are worrisome.

“The idea that this government and this premier were not willing to distance themselves immediately from those statements is very concerning. it was actually quite disgusting.”

Adding that a woman’s right to choose is a right that was fought for for generations. Green Party leader Mike Schreiner saying the PC’s unclear stance on the issue was out of line.

“I think its particularly disrespectful to women, about a woman’s right to choose.”

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli told reporters today that the PC’s are a big tent party and that Oosterhoff’s comments are not part of government policy. A statement from Premier Doug Ford’s office says the government will not re-open the abortion debate.