McMaster Children’s Hospital holds Halloween parade

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, not too big, not to small, about the size of montreal!”

Anya Martinez really likes Halloween.

“It’s like the whole neighborhood plays dress up and you get go out and get candy, go with friends, so many spooky houses to go to. They’re always fun and decorated.”

But some years she hasn’t been able to trick or treat outside because she’s been stuck in the hospital.

“She’s been battling leukemia seven years on and off, we just really enjoy Halloween.” said her mom Dorothy.

“I’m a lollypop fairy, instead of pixie dust I use sugar, and I’m the sweetest fairy around.” said Anya.

This lollypop fairy and dozens of other sick kids got to go trick or treating at the McMaster Children’s Hospital’s annual Halloween parade.

“She loves it. It means that she can be somebody else for a day. She can pretend to be anything.”

As much as the kids and parents love the parade, hospital staff may enjoy it more.

“It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling to give joy to kids who are in the hospital and can’t get out to enjoy halloween.”

Chris Wright and his daughter Ayvah even collected candy to give out to the little superheroes and princesses.

“Every year we put a thing of Facebook for candy. We had over 200 pounds of candy donated to us from Facebook.”

You can tell by the smiles the kids appreciate it.