Local business delivers Canadian-grown Christmas trees to your home

At some point or another, we all contemplate having a real Christmas tree but never follow through with the idea because of the potential mess.

A local business is saving you the hassle now by delivering and installing real trees. 

“You order the tree online through our website and you select the size you’re looking for,” said Justin Noonan, owner of Trees on a Truck. “Once you’ve selected the size and sent in the order, we confirm the delivery date and time. On that date, we show up, cut the bottom of the tree, install it within your stand and place it in your home.”

Noonan said his team chooses top-quality trees from Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia one year in advance. 

However, he said a tree shortage is expected this holiday season due to an increased demand with more Canadians staying home for Christmas. 

A Christmas tree takes an average of seven to 10 years to grow. But in recent years, the number of growers have decreased, and the growers who were left planted less trees because of an oversupply between 2008 and 2014.

Noonan added that the late spring frost has also contributed to the tree shortage. Frost can damage the fresh buds on a tree, resulting in them not being able to be harvested for another year to allow the tree to heal.

“The best thing you can do is buy early and be open to different species,” Noonan said. “You might not get the species you got last year or even the size that you had last year. But there will be trees, you just need to shop early.”

Trees on a Truck delivers throughout Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto.