Health Care Apps

Looking for health care? There is likely an app for that.

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the health care system, like the CURA app for example. It’s your own personal physiotherapist.

“CURA is intended to guide someone from before they have surgery to six months after they have surgery in terms of their rehabilitation.”

Ever lie to the doctor about how much exercise your getting? Not with this app.

“If your doctors prescribed exercise to you the goal was to support you through those initial stages.”

Navita Dyal just got her masters in engineering and product design from McMaster University. She has developed an app to help kids with type 1 diabetes.

“The app pairs with the glucometer then it check in with how the child is feeling. Once you get a reading the app automatically sends a text to their parents so they can recommend and suggest how much insulin the child should take.”

The Federal government has recently started talks with Facebook to use social media to reach out to people who may be struggling with a mental health crisis. The idea is they would use the messenger app and have a psychiatrist contact that person directly.

The Federal Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, says the advances in technology when it comes to health care are revolutionary and will be especially helpful for those in rural communities.


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