Hangover remedies

Remedies for a hangover

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Some very helpful information now for the holiday season with regard to hangovers. What causes them and how to cure them?

The only surefire way to avoid a hangover is not to drink. But there are a lot of tricks to prevent symptoms, or treat them the morning after.

It’s the price you pay for a wild night out.

“Your stomach’s upset, your head’s pounding.”

“My head was gonna’ explode.”

But if you insist on downing a few drinks, there are ways to mitigate the damage.

It may sound like an old wives tale, but there is real science behind a good greasy breakfast and the hair of the dog.

Naturopathic doctor, Justin Gallant, says a hangover is partially from alcohol withdrawal, and swigging a bit of what got you there can help: “You introduce a little more alcohol the next day and those symptoms will go away.”

Caesars are a popular remedy. Hamilton’s West Town Bar and Grill serves more in the morning than they do at night.

Michelle Griffiths is a bartender: “We go through just bottles of Tabasco and Worcestershire like crazy.”

The salt helps you retain water so you can rehydrate and stop that pounding headache.

Add a greasy protein filled breakfast to stimulate your liver so it can metabolize any leftover alcohol.

But why not stop your hangover before it even starts?

Eat a big meal before drinking so your body processes the alcohol more slowly.

And don’t mix with sugary drinks.

Gallant: “That’s going to bring your blood sugar way up and then every action has a reaction, so it’s going to come way back down the next day.”

Alternate each drink with water and down a few extra glasses before bed or you’ll end up needing a whole lot more the next morning.

Most people are tempted to reach for coffee and pain killers when they wake up with a hangover. But Gallant says these may work against you. Coffee can make you even more dehydrated, and pain killers can be tough for your liver to process when it’s already working overtime.

Griffiths: “After their pitcher of water there’s a lot better of a smile going on and everyone’s a lot happier.”