Hamilton’s police chief apologizes for making offensive comments about the LGBTQ community

Hamilton’s police chief Eric Girt has apologized for comments he made on the Bill Kelly radio show this week that caused uproar among the LGBTQ community.

Chief Girt spoke to radio host Bill Kelly about tension between the police force and Hamilton’s gay community, which has escalated following criticism of the police force’s response to violence at a Pride event.

Girt was asked about repairing relations with the community and he responded by saying how Hamilton police had received complaints
years ago from families about sex in public washrooms. He said that police have to respond “collaboratively” by respecting two consenting adults, but acknowledging that they can’t have sex in a public place.

Local resident Michael Demone told the police services board that Chief Girt is a threat and a liability to our community, and that his comments were uncalled for and unrelated to the question asked by the interviewer.

Girt says in a statement that he meant to illustrate “legislative change,” but says he understands the impact of his words and he apologizes to the LGBTQ community.

Just last month the chief took responsibility for the strained relationship between police and the LGBTQ community after the violence at pride.