Flooding in Great Lakes may be more common due to climate changes

Lake Ontario water levels are on the rise and on pace to exceed record levels from just two years ago. Climate experts say the resulting flooding is a new reality for those living by the water.

Earlier today, reporters toured what used to be parks and docks on the Toronto Islands as Lake Ontario continues its surge inland. The sights bring back harsh memories of disastrous flooding from Lake Ontario in 2017. That spring, the lake’s water levels rose by almost 1.5 metres.

As the shores of Hamilton are now being flooded, it’s expected that these lake levels will set a new record.

Gail Krantzberg is an expert on the great lakes and says the flooding is a result of climate change.

Youth-organized demonstrations were held across the globe today from Turkey to Hamilton to raise awareness about climate change and inspire action to combat it.

Krantzberg says the damage is already so far along that there might no longer be such a thing as normal weather.