Saturday, February 24, 2024

First Monday after New Years is known as ‘Divorce Day’

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January is divorce month.

Experts say there are 25% more divorces started in that month than any other.

In Canada almost 45% of marriages end in divorce and there’s a good chance that divorce process started in January.

“Lots of people contemplating their relationships, moving towards divorce and looking at their options. The first Monday after the holidays is called Divorce Day.”

Mara Marcello helped launch Divorce Angels a year and a half ago to help couples navigate the divorce process.

“We’ve had since inception 17 5000 visitors to our site, and definitely you see the spikes end of December, beginning of January.”

She says in the first month of the year, for whatever reason, there’s a 25% jump in people looking to get divorced.

“New Years, it becomes a resolution. I’m not going to spend another year like this so I’m going to move forward.”

Family lawyer Jeffrey Mammon can’t explain it either, but it never fails. January is always the busiest month by far.

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