More deadly drugs on our streets

Police and public health agencies say they are seeing more and more deadly drugs on our streets. Powerful prescriptions that are being diverted and sold to addicts on the street and it’s having fatal consequences. Tonight, a mother who lost her son to fentanyl is speaking out in hopes of helping others.

Cyndy Taylor has a very personal reason for volunteering at bible school at New Hope Church in Niagara: “I wanted to give back to other kids because if they are coming to something like this, the impact faith could have on their life, maybe they won’t go down the road my son did.”

Her son, Joel La France was just 31-years old when he died of an overdose of fentanyl: “He had been an addict for a number of years and had quit for two months and then he got the urges and went to some friends, they melted the patch down and made it into a liquid form and then injected him with it.”

Fentanyl is a powerful prescription narcotic painkiller. It’s used in a patch form and is delivered over a 72-hour period. When people inject, ingest or inhale it, it can be toxic.

On Thursday, the regional coroner announced a spike in the number of drug overdoses in the last few weeks. Some users on the street are linking it to a powerful mix of heroin and fentanyl. Officials say mixing anything with fentanl can be a deadly mistake. Holly Raymond is with St. Joseph’s Healthcare: “One of the really scary things about the bad dose is that often there’s very few signs and often people end up with a very low respiratory rate and death can come very quickly.”

At least three people have died of overdoses in the last week in Hamilton alone. The coroner can’t confirm if fentanyl or heroin played a role. But police say they are seeing more fentanyl on the streets and most people who are abusing it don’t know the dangers: “One of the reasons fentanyl is so deadly is because of its potency and how strong it is. Fentanyl is approximately 80 percent stronger than morphine and up to 100 times stronger than other opioids such as oxycontin and heroin.

Cyndy Taylor wants stiffer penalties for people caught selling their prescriptions: “It was a prescription. He should not have been able to get someone else’s prescription. I don’t think it’s right.”

The Hamilton Opioid Working Group is looking at a fentanyl exchange program to stop people from selling them. People would have to bring back the used patches to get another one.

Cyndy also wants better treatment for youth with addictions. She says she tried to get her son help when he was younger but there was nothing available.

There is an antidote for opioid overdose being distributed by Hamilton Public Health.


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Mike H says:

Maybe all the addicts will die and there won’t be a problem.

Sue S says:

Stop the madness and start the goodness.

Drunk James says:

these drugs have been on the streets for years!! my brother died from fentanyl 2 years ago and no one was talking about it!!!!

Johnny Rebel says:

it’ s a shame that people are selling these type of drugs to vulnerable people and pretty much killing them it needs to be stopped!!!

RomanC says:

They have to find the person selling this chit

bgee says:

It seems that people will never learn when it comes to drugs

Linda says:

I don’t know why anyone that needs these drugs, get the presciption and SELL it. This is so wrong…

shell says:

so sad, so many young people lose their live, taking other peoples meds

E-Rock says:

All drugs are deadly and not just one or two. If people are not willing to realize this, then this is our outcome…

ljhoppy1foot says:

How frightening to know that people in this country would sell their prescriptions to young people who have no knowledge of the danger of using these drugs inappropriately. I do not understand how the person selling the prescription can obtain refills if they are still required to continue with the medication. Our pharmacist will tell us if we are attempting to refill a prescribed medication too soon.

dreadlockz321 says:

In my opinion there is not going to be an end to the selling of perscription drugs due to the fact that its the new thing that’s in. What’s to stop a dealer from telling his customers ” if you want more of that make sure u bring me back the wrapper” and sales continue. Now why isn’t there stiffer guidlines when the doctor is dealing with a patients, because if that patient isn’t using the drug, then why didnt the doctors catch that there is nothing that serious to perscribe such an addictive drug?

Andrew says:

wow, soo many people dying from these drugs. Do you people think its time to quit get in treatment such as inpatient or even methadone I quit my addiction of ten years with methadone and been living a great clen new life and you should too so you to aint the next news at 6 headline common lets kick this crap and let the ppl that are prescribed it take it like they should be not selling it to kill off the the population of Hamilton…

Karen says:

If they are stupid enough to do drugs….

puzzeled1 says:

It’s a shame that these terrible drugs are out there. Why is it we as humans are so weak when it comes to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Mark says:

Drug addiction is a sad scenario too watch but in my opinion young kids/adults must use their heads & realise that pain meds are dangerous.
The all time buzz that these individuals are seeking is life threatening & we the public & Health Care Officials can talk till the cows come home it all falls on deaf ears.
I’m sick of listening to all the hype & propaganda against narcotics these drugs are necessary for those individuals that need treatment for chronic pain & other medical ailments.
Society will always face the problem with individuals abusing drugs be it prescribed/illegal & thus finger pointing will continue with no solution till medical science can come up with another alternative for chronic pain sufferers than narcotics.
People we need too find a better alternative stop whining & educate your kids & the young people in our community stating drugs is not the answer for their problems.

Sher says:

I I also think their should be differ penalties on selling prescription.