Back to school

It’s the tail end of summer and soon it will be back to school and back to reality for many.

While some were moving into their university dorm rooms at McMaster today, others were spending the last weekend of August soaking up the sun.

Nothing says summer is over quite like this.

McMaster’s University campus roared back to life this weekend after a quiet summer.

As parents and sophomores helped over 35,000 first year students move into their residence.

The end of summer and start of school is proving a bit difficult for some parents today.

Many of the new marauders say preparing for this day made their summer fly by.

While some are spending the last weekend of August with their hands full, others took to the beach for a relaxing afternoon.

Many here at Van Wagners Beach say they are going to miss the sand, the lake and of course the warm weather but they are ready to get back to their regular routine.

Those biking, having picnics, and reading on the beach are making the most of what’s left.