Zika Virus twitter Q & A

With March break less than a month away, a lot of people have concerns about catching the Zika virus while on vacation. The mosquito-borne virus has been spreading across the Americas and Caribbean. It’s been linked to a spike in babies born with abnormally small heads.

Hamilton Health Sciences is hosting a Q & A with the director of infectious diseases on twitter this afternoon, so that weary travellers have all the facts.

“It will be really a forum to answer any questions about Zika virus that anybody has based on the history of the virus and today, what are the risk and what can people do to protect themselves and the science behind it.” said Dr. Mark Loeb, , Infectious Diseases, Hamilton Health Sciences.

The live twitter Q & A will take place between 1 and 2 pm.
You can follow the discussion on twitter @hamhealthscand submit questions by using the hashtag #askdrloeb.


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