Young cancels tour stop

Those with tickets to the annual “Greenbelt Harvest Picnic” will be getting some of their money back, after Neil Young and Crazy Horse were forced to pull out of the event.

An injury to guitarist Frank Sampedro’s hand caused the group to cancel its North American tour.

Picnic organizers announced ticket holders will be reimbursed $40, knocking the admission price down to $100.



  1. this is SO wrong. a full refund should be offered. Neil Young was the draw. I think this is “bait and switch” . It’s illegal! Waiting to hear back from the Consumers Protection Agency.

  2. I was already having some buyer’s remorse for spending $303.40 for 2 tickets for Neil Young at a beautiful local venue that I live near. After the annouced cancellation of Young with the refund allowance Of $40 I find myself going to a picnic in a local park with some bands that previous years cost others $70 per ticket but will cost me $223.40. Since I work in the town I live in, walk to shops, my doctor, dentist, hairdresser and shop at the Dundas and Burlington farmer’s markets I find the organizers comments that ticket holders should “think of the farmers” insulting. It seems there are many shades of green. A full refund to ticket buyers that request it is right thing for The Greenbelt Harvest Picnic organizer John-Paul Gauthier to do.

  3. This is a insult. For one thing I paid $75 to see Neil
    15 years ago so I don’t know where they got the
    $40 number from.
    Fans from Ottawa and across Europe were refunded
    the full ticket price!
    I bought 4 tickets when they announced the show
    because of Neil and that came out of my families
    summer entertainment fund and now that is over $400
    My family and I will boycott all sponsors, promotions
    and anything connected to this event from now on.
    We had to stretch our budget for these tickets and the
    shoulder shrugging by the promoters is a real
    slap in the face.

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