Yogurt recall expands over concerns of loose pieces of plastic

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has added two brands of yogurt to a recall over concerns that pieces of plastic may be in the product.

General Mills Canada Corporation is recalling Yoplait Minigo strawberry and raspberry yogurt in 90-gram pouches as well as Liberte Greek raspberry and coconut yogurt in the 120—gram size.

The affected products were sold nationally and were packaged in a set of four.

Last month, Ultima Foods recalled seven iogo yogurt products over similar concerns. That recall included 93-millilitre iögo Nano six packs of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and banana drinkable yogurt. It also included one-litre iögo smoothies of strawberry-raspberry and mango yogurt based drink and strawberry protein yogurt based drink.

The agency says there have been no reported injuries associated with the consumption of the yogurt.

For more information about the recall, click here.

iögo yogurt products recalled due to risk of containing plastic