Wrongfully arrested man sues Hamilton Police

A Hamilton man is taking the city’s police force and some of its officers to court tomorrow morning.

Michael Dixon is suing the police for being arrested and put in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.Back in August 2003, Dixon was arrested at gunpoint after just getting off a GO Transit bus on his way home from work. He was arrested for a jewelery store robbery – but had been on the bus when the break-in happened. The police did not check with the bus driver.

Further complicating the arrest was the fact that Dixon is black – but witnesses told police a white man broke into the store.

Dixon spent over three days in jail and lived under bail restrictions for months before the charges were dropped. Then-police chief Brian Mullan eventually apologized and two officers pleaded guilty to Police Act misconduct.

Dixon and his lawyer say they are hoping for answers in open court in front of a judge.