Witness Blanket

In the wake of the truth and reconciliation report that detailed the cultural genocide of hundreds of thousands of Aboriginal youth for over a century, the Hamilton Public Library welcomed an art piece that serves as a monument and educational tool to that dark time in our country’s history.

The Witness Blanket is a 12-meter long collection of artifacts from people who survived the cultural genocide caused by the residential school system. Institutions where Native children were forced to abandon their culture in exchange for European values.

The free mobile app walks you through the over 800 artifacts that make up the Witness Blanket, including a original painting by Art Thompson, master carver and Aboriginal activist who grew up at a residential school.

Now that the truth is out, Newman hopes the exhibit is the beginning of reconciliation for people like his father, “more than anything else, education is where reconciliation will have it’s deepest impact.”

The exhibit will be displayed at the library until August 29th when it will continue it’s 6 year, cross-country tour.