Wintry weather creates caves off Crystal Beach

Take a look at what mother nature’s done off of Crystal Beach.

She’s created massive caves with the sheets of ice being pushed up near the shore.

They’re dazzling. Giant caves that are so big you could walk right through them.

All this snow, wind, and freezing temperatures have all come together in a kind of perfect storm to create these ice caves.

It’s called shove ice, and it with each blast of wind it just keeps layering and layering. It’s created arches and bridges and boulders where there used to be open water.

The Conway family has lived here for 40 years and never seen anything like this. “I don’t think we’ll see it for another hundred unless we get another winter like we’ve had.”

People are coming from all over to see this. They’re taking photos, bringing their kids. It’s so pretty. It almost makes you want to embrace winter.


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