Wine sensory lab

A bottle of sparkling wine was popped at Brock University this afternoon to toast to an investment in the future of research. With a newly announced grant from the Ontario government, the university plans to create the world’s first wine sensory lab.

Grants from the Ontario government will be split between 53 research projects across Ontario, including $1 million towards Brock University’s cool climate oenology and viticulture institute. The research institute studies the Ontario wine industry and plans to create the wine sensory lab featuring virtual and augmented reality technology. Within the sensory lab, students will have access to augmented reality glasses where they will be able to be transported into whatever environment they choose.

“To look at how that would impact their wine choice or their enjoyment of wine because not everything about enjoying wine is just about the taste, it’s about the entire experience.” Debra Inglis, researcher.

In addition to the sensory lab, the money will also fund research into plant disease protection and adaptation to climate change.

The sensory lab is expected to be completed in April.