Wine in grocery stores

You can now pick out a Cabernet along with your cut of beef or add a Chardonnay to your cart when you select a salmon. The Finance Minister says wine will be available at some grocery stores in the province, starting today. Starsky’s Fine Foods at Queenston and Nash is the only new location so far in Hamilton, they’ve been selling beer since that was allowed a year ago. Operations manager Peter Sulak chose most of the labels for Starsky shelves, local and international wines. He says the selection will eventually adapt to customer requests.

Grocers are restricted to selling wine that costs at least $10.95, nothing cheaper. That’s what a Yellow Tail merlot costs at Starsky’s. It’s also what that wine costs at the LCBO, marked on sale. Minimum prices are set by the province. Beer and cider will be available in up to 450 grocery stores across Ontario, including 300 that also sell wine.


  1. *** Is there going to be more grocery stores added to this list in the near future? (Im thinking theyll probley do this only in certain areas of the city, as this could potentially increase the amount of theft in some stores. **{I wonder when and what stores are supposed to have wine & cider….I have yet to see this.**

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