Whole Foods employees not allowed to wear poppies at work

Update: Whole Foods has reversed its “No Poppy” policy after major backlash from customers and politicians, including Prime Minister Trudeau.

Premier Doug Ford says his government will introduce legislation prohibiting any company from preventing its employees from wearing poppies during Remembrance Week.

The grocery chain says poppies aren’t permitted under its recently updated uniform policy, which it says “prohibits any additions to our standard uniform.”

Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon, has 14 locations in Canada including one in Oakville.

The company says it is supporting the legion by donating more than $8,000 to the Poppy Campaign.

It says employees will observe the traditional moment of silence at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11.


  1. In the USA a great deal, all the time, is made of their veterans. Seems Whole Foods do not think much of Canada’ veterans. Canadians should boycott Whole Foods until this disgraceful decision is reversed.

  2. Unbelievable they I think they should change that I had relatives that fought for this country that is a shame that they would disrespect people that fought for this country jabroni manager I wonder if they had reateves that were in the service

  3. Why people wear poppies?
    Crooked politicians brainwash our young, send them to war fighting senseless wars worldwide for the benefit of bankers and ultra rich . And these poor men are killed on all sides. I feel really bad for them and their families. The question is: do we support that????

  4. Sad days ahead, when you can’t pay respect to those who gave their lives for this country. I can honestly say I have never shopped at one time f their locations. Happy to say I never will. ️

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