Welland SPCA saves 150 dogs from being euthanized

Thanks to the Welland SPCA, 150 dogs are being given a second chance. The dogs were rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Louisiana and were eventually going to be euthanized.

“They are extremely overcrowded, they don’t have enough money for food for the dogs, they don’t have money for medical treatment.” John Greer, Welland SPCA.

In some cases dogs were stuffed with as many as ten in a cage. The Welland SPCA stepped in and partnered with other humane societies to bring the dogs north. Crews went down in vans and loaded the dogs up. While they managed to save 150 dogs, some died before they got there.

The Welland SPCA says it tends to have fewer dogs in its shelter during the summer months and it even rented extra space to house the dogs. They’ve been spayed and neutered and giving all their vaccinations
and starting tomorrow all 150 of them will be up for adoption. The agency says there will be a learning curve for many of them.

“Knowing what a toy is, being trained to go outside to use the washroom, so people have to a little patience with them cause probably the life most of them, 90% of them have been stuck in a kennel.”

The rescues range in size from small to medium and in age from 4 months to 4 years. The agency estimates the cost of the rescue to be about $70 000. It will cost $400 to adopt a dog.

The animals will be taken to the Petsmart on Stone Church road in Stoney Creek for the adoption clinic which starts tomorrow and runs into the weekend.


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