Welland family hopeful for reunion with brother after a commitment by Trudeau


For the last decade, the Munoz family have been talking to their beloved son and brother on a computer screen from their living room in Welland.

38-year-old Ricardo Munoz is still in Bogota Colombia, despite the fact that the rest of his family was accepted to come to Canada back in 2008.

For ten years, his two sisters, mother and father have been doing everything in their power to bring him here but their pleas seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, until now.

Alejandra Munoz, one of Ricardo’s sisters, captured the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tuesday night at a town hall in St. Catharines.

The Prime Minister said the local MP for Welland, Vance Badawey, will be taking a closer look at the Munoz case.

In a statement from Badawey’s office they say in part:

“‘After the town hall yesterday evening, my office encouraged this young woman to contact us to see if we are able to help, as we are always happy to serve our community members.'”

They say they are unable to comment on specific cases under Canada’s privacy laws.