Waterdown man wins Ontario Driven to Quit challenge

Chris Taylor of Waterdown behind the wheel of his new Toyota Corolla S; Hamilton, May 7, 2015

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but definitely possible.

A Waterdown man learned that first-hand and was rewarded with a brand new Toyota Corolla S! Chris Taylor, 33, has been smoking since he was 16. He took the Canadian Cancer Society‘s Driven to Quit challenge and was named the provincial prize winner.

The challenge was simple: quit smoking for the entire month of March for a chance to win a car.

The society’s John Atkinson says the challenge has a proven track record. “Last year we were well over one-third who successfully quit when we did follow-up at seven months, who had quit for the last 30 days.”

“Most smoking cessation programs, it’s a tough business. We are looking at 15 per cent, 13 per cent,
and that’s considered to be pretty good. It’s tough. The odds are high and we encourage people to keep trying and trying.”

This is the ninth year that the program has been running. Since 2006, the Driven to Quit challenge has inspired more than 200,000 quit attempts in Ontario.


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