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Waterdown Dairy Queen asks for stolen ice cream cone piggy bank to be returned

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A Dairy Queen in Hamilton is asking for help tracking down their ice cream cone piggy bank after it was stolen off their front counter.

The cone was donated by a club from Burlington to the Waterdown DQ branch, and was meant to raise money for this year’s Blizzard Day fundraiser.

“So, she came in and bought a pop, went to the pop machine and on the way back as she walked out she picked it up and just kept going,” branch owner Jayne Scala said.

Sharing surveillance video of the theft, the owner of the Dairy Queen on Dundas Street East in Waterdown says it happened three weeks ago just before 7 p.m. on April 24.

And the theft was a two-person job. It involved the woman who took the cone and the unknown driver of a white Ford Fiesta, which she got into.

“It drove through the drive-thru, so we have the perfect plate image, then they drove out and parked where she walked to and she just got in the car and they left,” Scala said.

“Just to watch her walk away like ‘Ha! I got this’ was really disappointing.”

One of the suspects in the theft drove through the drive-thru, allowing the restaurant to capture a perfect image of their licence plate, which is being taken to police.

Scala says she noticed the ice cream cone was missing when she was removing an old bouquet of flowers nearby.

The branch isn’t sure how much money was in the cone when it was stolen, but the money isn’t why they’re upset about the theft.

“There’s usually anywhere from $10 to $100 dollars, and we empty them everyday. But, it’s the fact that someone took it. Blatantly took it.”

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It’s one of four ice cream cones donated by a group of people who organize the Burlington Bike Night Social and Cruze.

“The ice cream cone was a gift to help her raise money for the children’s hospital here,” Sue Stitch from Burlington Bike Night Social and Cruze said.

Stitch said the group helps raise money for the poppy foundation, the Joseph Brant Hospital as well as other organizations.

But the money in the stolen cone was for this year’s Blizzard Day fundraiser.

“I couldn’t believe someone would actually do that. It’s shocking that somebody would actually just take it,” Stitch said.

The woman who took the ice cream cone piggy bank was caught on camera performing the theft.

“Why steal from a charity? Why steal anything anywhere? Sooner or later you’re going to get caught doing it,” Dustin Stanfield from Burlington Bike Night Social and Cruze said.

Stitch initially didn’t report the incident, but says she will contact Hamilton police now, after seeing the license plate number of the vehicle involved on the store’s surveillance video.

Meanwhile, Scala is just asking for her cone back.

“Keep the money if you need it, if there was any money, if you need it that badly, keep it, just bring our little cone back,” Scala said.

The ice cream cone has been missing for three weeks now.

The group from Burlington is starting to post photos online to raise awareness, and all they’re asking for is to get the stolen cone back as it holds sentimental value.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Dairy Queen in Waterdown.

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