Waste to watts

In a response to the Prime Minister’s long-term plan to lower Canada’s carbon footprint, a special committee has been touring the country to find alternative forms of power. Today they found themselves in Hamilton to tour the Woodward waste water plant that’s leading the industry to create renewable natural gas. The committee of senators from across the country have a daunting task: find the best forms of alternative energy that can power the country while minimizing the effects of climate change.

B.C. Senator Richard Neufeld says that the balancing act got much tougher since America’s newly-elected President has publicly denounced global warming, a move that could send American-based companies operating in Canada back home.

“How are you going to actually put in a system that reduces your green house gases but you still keep your industry and your jobs here because we want to keep them in Canada.”

Stepping off a natural gas-powered HSR bus, the senators learned about one way.
“Hamilton has been a leader in the industry for a number of years now where we use that excess gas, that methane as a result of the waste water treatment process we generate electricity with it.” Dan McKinnon, Hamilton Public Works.

So what your body flushes down, could help generate power up here, about 1.6 megawatts, which powers about 1500 homes. The committee report on their findings by the end of next year.