Wanted man captured after trio robbed at gunpoint: Brantford police

Police say a 31-year-old man who removed his court-ordered ankle monitor after being released from a Toronto jail has been captured.

Chad Wray-McCombs, of Brantford, is accused of going on a crime spree just a day after leaving the Toronto Detention Centre.

Police say Wray-McCombs’ ankle-mounted monitoring device was set off on July 16.

Officers located the bracelet with visible damage at a home in Brantford but could not find Wray-McCombs.

Two days later, police responded to a weapons-related call on Charing Cross St.

Investigators learned a trio had been robbed at gunpoint by a man who stole their vehicle.

Officers tracked down the stolen vehicle and engaged in a pursuit on Cayuga St. Police were forced to end the pursuit in the interest of public safety.

The stolen vehicle was later seen on Colborne St. operating in a dangerous manner. Police engaged in a second pursuit which also had to be terminated over safety concerns.

Officers later found the vehicle travelling westbound on Richardson St.

Police say once the driver spotted officers, he drove directly at a police cruiser at a high rate of speed before swerving out of the way to avoid a collision.

Police say officers were able to identify the driver as Wray-McCombs.

The following day, police say Wray-McCombs was seen getting out of a stolen vehicle near Foster and Cayuga streets and was arrested in a nearby backyard.

He is facing a slew of charges including robbery with firearm, possession of stolen goods, flight from peace officer and fail to comply with probation.

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