Vote to end poverty

There is a saying “never discuss religion and politics in polite company”, but members of a poverty action group want you to do just that. The group is asking Canadians to consider poverty issues when they head to the ballot box. It’s called “vote to end poverty”.

In Hamilton 90 000 people live below the low income cut off, which is $21,000 for a single person, $39,000 for a two income family of four. The group is asking political leaders to consider four things: affordable childcare, income security, affordable housing and a nation drug program. They also point out that poverty has no age limit. More and more seniors have become the primary caregiver for their grandchildren while facing increased taxes on limited incomes.

The group says it is non-partisan and will not be endorsing any political party. Instead, they are asking voters to look closely at party platforms and support the candidate they believe will do more to reduce poverty when they form the next government in Canada.