Visitors of long-term care homes want restrictions eased

For two weeks, families of long term care residents have been able to visit their loved ones with very strict guidelines in place.

Some believe it’s time to ease the restrictions, saying limited visitations are negatively affecting their loved ones.

Dale Manucdoc has the story.

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  1. I do not think it is fairthat staff whom has tested negative are allowed to hug residents hold their hand or wheel them outside pushing their wheelchair. I have tested negative also. Why must I be behind a barrier while he cries and wants to hold my hand. The staff leave there go home to family enjoy their days off what is the difference between my touching him or them. He is my husband and cries often when I visit.I used to make sure he was cleaned shaved and sat with him all day even while he slept. Now I go he is usually not shaven .He tells me the food is not great. One brake on his wheelchair is loose does not work. I have asked to have it fixed numerous times never done. He has regressed so much since I can’t touch him. I’m sorry but you are abusing old people. Four in a room that rarely get along suffering in this heat because the staff dont have time to take them outside. Family could help but staff are afraid of us they don’t want us in because we see too much. Bells not answered staff shortages therefore less baths less snacks no one on one time. Our families need us. I tested negative will wear a mask. At least let one family member be allowed to touch and stay in with them. If we are all tested negative what is the problem

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