Virgin cocktails

A delicious drink to celebrate summer doesn’t have to have booze.  Food and beverage expert Cristina Carpio mixed up some great mocktail recipes.


1.)Virgin Cosmopolitan
2oz of Seedlip Garden
1oz of pure cranberry juice
1 oz of Zen Orange Buddha cold pressed juice
Drop of Doterra essential lemon oil (optional)
Shake and garnish with edible flower or lime peel

2.) Virgin Sangria
3oz of Fever tree ginger beer
2 oz of homemade strawberries and pineapple syrup
(Water, fresh strawberries and pineapples, brown sugar-simmer til syrup consistency and strain)
Drop of wildorange Doterra essential oil (optional)
Lots of ice garnish with chopped fresh fruits, micro basil and add fun straw

3. ) Blueberry Kombucha Cocktail
Infused Ice cubes- use big square ice cube tray and load with fresh fruits, micro mint or basil and add a drop of Doterra lavender essential oil. Freeze

Once ice is formed, put in a glass and add Blueberry Rise kombucha

4.)Cucumber Gin and Tonic Variation
4oz Perrier sparkling water
2oz of Seedlip Garden
Garnish glass with long slice of cucumber


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