Two teens arrested after bringing weapons to Glendale Secondary in Hamilton

Police are warning students against bringing weapons to school after two males were arrested for bringing weapons to Glendale Secondary school in Hamilton to allegedly settle an online dispute.

Glendale secondary school families received a letter from the principal.

Hamilton Police say on Friday around 2:45 p.m. two teens, and an adult friend arrived at Glendale Secondary with a small hatchet and pocket knife. Police say they couldn’t find the teen they were looking for and no assault took place. However, investigators say the two teens showed the weapons to other students. School staff are said to have told the teens that police were called and they took off. Police later found the teen boys who are now facing charges.

17-year-old male of Hamilton –
Threatening, Possession of a Weapon and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

18-year-old male of Hamilton –
Possession of a Weapon, Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Breach of release conditions.

Both teens are out of custody and are set to return to court in November

Police remind students that bringing any type of weapon to school could result in arrest and criminal charges along with suspension or expulsion from that school.