Two Hamilton women were invited to meet Taylor Swift at the star’s Nashville mansion

Two young women from Hamilton were treated to an experience of a lifetime by their ultra-famous idol- Taylor Swift.

The multi-grammy award winning pop star hand selected about 100 mega fans from around the world to attend a secret album preview party at her Nashville mansion and 25-year-old Nichole Ridehalgh and 17-year-old Isabella Rose both got a phone call from Swifts team.

Ridehalgh was shocked when she called the call inviting her to a special event. She was asked if she could make it to Nashville in less than a week.

Without being told, Ridehalgh knew she had just been invited to an event that is the pinnacle of every Taylor Swift fan’s dream- a secret session album preview at the star’s Nashville mansion.

Swift has held secret sessions before the releases of several of her previous albums. Fans are picked up at a secret location and driven to her mansion. Those who attend are always mega fans who the star keeps a close eye on on social media.

Getting a one on one chat with the star is something Ridehalgh will never forget.

“Its 4:30 in the morning, I’m exhausted but, this is my moment. I walk into the room and I turn to my left and I see her and she says hey your Nichole right?Aand in that moment my whole world was made. Without me mentioning Canada at all, she said have a safe flight back to Canada”

Swift even shared secret details about her personal life with fans.

Isabella Rose is also on a first name basis with Swift. She posted on social media saying “I have loved her for nine years and I will never stop talking about how much I love her but I would not be where I am today without her.”

Tonight is the release of Swift’s newest album, Lover.

Ridehalgh and Rose were two of 113 fans in the world, that have already heard it.

“She was lip syncing and dancing. She was just having a blast.”

And that night is a night these young women will replay over and over again.