Two convicted killers to be sentenced in court this week

Dellen Millard, who was found guilty of first degree murder for the third time and, Haiden Suarez Noa who was found guilty of second degree murder in the 2013 death of his girlfriend.

Millard’s life will likely end in prison.

He will appear in a Toronto court on Tuesday to hear a judges decision on his sentence.

In September this year, the 33 year-old was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of his father Wayne Millard.

The 71 year-old millionaire businessman was shot in the head while he slept in 2012. Initially, police believed the shooting was a suicide but later discovered his son was behind the killing.

Last month, the crown argued that Millard should get a third consecutive life-sentence, meaning he’d be 102 years-old before he’s eligible for parole.

The defense requested Millard serve this sentence concurrently which means he would be eligible for parole after 50 years.

In a victim impact statement by Wayne Millard’s girlfriend, she says the pain caused by the murder has had a profound effect on her life:

‘Wayne’s death never goes away. Never a night goes by that it doesn’t play out again in my head. I need prescription medication to get to sleep at night. I attend physiotherapy once per week due to the stress in my body. I have nightmares and call out in my sleep.’

Dellen Millard is already serving two life-sentences for the murders of Tim Bosma and Laura Babcock.

Also appearing in court Tuesday is Haiden Suarez Noa, who was found guilty last month of second degree murder in the stabbing death of Tania Cowell.

Three years ago, the Hamilton man was acquitted of second-degree murder but found guilty of manslaughter which the crown appealed.

Suarez Noa’s defense was that he had been provoked by Cowell and that he stabbed her 11 times while their then 5 month-old child was asleep. At the time, he said he was too crazed to know he was committing murder.

Cowell’s friends say her personality was infectious, nothing like the argumentative woman Suarez Noa described in court.

“Her laugh… oh god. You laughed at her laughing. She was always bubbly. Never miserable.”

A second degree murder charge means Suarez Noa wouldn’t be eligible for parole for 10-25 years.

Both family and friends plan to read victim impact statements during the sentencing.