“Trees Please” program offering 500 free trees to Hamilton residents

UPDATE:Environment Hamilton says all 500 trees have been accounted for.

Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalist Club are giving 500 trees to residents of urban Hamilton.

The program, called Trees Please, was created in the hopes of improving Hamilton’s overall air quality and adding shade throughout the city for the summer months.

Hamilton residents are able to claim a tree of their own on a first come, first serve basis through an online form.

The tree will then be available for pickup from three different locations in October.

Trees available include Red Oak, Hackberry, Red Maple, Eastern Red Cedar, Smooth Serviceberry, Nannyberry, Northern Bush Honeysuckle, and Chokecherry.

Registration for the program is open until Sept. 21.

This project was one of 20 funded across North America through the Arbor Day Foundation/ TD Bank Green Space Grant. 


  1. Its a nice idea . However how about all the trees that are cut down and the green space thats lost for development, look at mt. Hope … developer cut all those trees. Barely got a fine and doesn’t even have to plant new ones

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