Tree destroys a St. Catharines woman’s car

A St.Catharines resident is out thousands of dollars thanks to a city tree that destroyed her car after a big storm. The woman says the tree was a hazard in the past and now isn’t sure if she’ll see the money.
Jason Gaidola has the story.


  1. Comprehensive coverage is the cheapest part of an auto policy because its based primarily on the value of the car moreso than your driving record. If you park your car under a tree that you think is dangerous and opt not to purchase coverage for it, well… This can happen. Insurance is part of the operating cost of a vehicle. One should make sure they can afford to insure the vehicle they buy. Not getting coverage is a gamble, and it’s silly to try to hold the city responsible when your bet doesn’t pay off. I feel for her, but it’s time to learn a hard life lesson here, not shift the blame.

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