Traffic chaos

Gridlock snagged many drivers on the 403 Tuesday after a police investigation shut down lanes in both directions and because there are just a handful of exits on the 403, even minor mishaps can cause traffic chaos.

Roughly 100,000 vehicles travel that stretch of road daily, so an estimated 40,000 drivers had to find another route.

The superintendent of traffic engineering with the city, says the Red Hill could be a good option for future 403 traffic jams. If you learn of the closure soon enough while going down the escarpment, you could also get off at Copetown, take Highway 5 to 6 and then down to the 403, reverse that for going up.

The province is looking into congestion solutions on the Ancaster hill.

“It’s my understanding that the province is doing a review of the highway network, and there is consideration for a widening along the 403 and QEW which would help with the congestion matters.” David Ferguson, City of Hamilton.

The city is also looking at putting signs along the Linc and the Red Hill to warn motorists of upcoming traffic issues.