Randle Reef clean up

It will take 6 years to fix generations of toxic build up at Randle Reef in Hamilton’s Harbour. The project manager says it’s a three-step process, they will build a containment box, fill it with that toxic sludge and seal it. The big box that’s under construction in the harbour is made of steel pilings that are hammered down into the harbour floor. This year the crew plans on building half of the wall, after a month and a half of work they’re 40% complete.

Hamilton’s industrial past has come at a price. Randle Reef is an area of contaminated sediment, coal tar, enough to fill First-Ontario Centre three times and it’s slowly spilling, moving out across the harbour causing tumors in fish.

Jon Gee is the project manager, he says the first part of construction began in May. Crews are building the steel wall, then they will pack it with coal tar using a hydraulic dredge to move all of the sediments underwater into the box. “Once it’s filled we will put a lid on the box and pave the lid and turn it to the Port Authority to use as a port facility.” Completion is expected in 2022.

It’s a project funded by all levels of government that expected to grow the economy. “We’ve estimated about $151 million when it comes to new jobs, tourism, so I think it’s a really exciting story.” Catherine McKenna, Federal Minister of Environment.