Tough new penalties for drinking and driving go into effect Tuesday

New rules coming out Tuesday will allow police to ask drivers for a breathalizer test whenever they want.

Police and MADD Canada are hoping the new rules will make people think twice about getting behind the wheel after drinking.

“We are pretty excited about these new rules, MADD Canada has always been trying to push forward for legislation to change, this is the largest legislative change in 40 years.” Ben Paterson, MADD.

Alcohol has been a factor in four fatal crashes this year in Hamilton, including one in June on Queenston road that killed 25 year old Sarah Hoang. She was hit by an impaired driver as she pulled out of a bakery parking lot.

Here are the new impaired driving penalties as of tomorrow:

“They have to understand why we’re doing this, trying to make the roads safer, not just over the holidays, 365 days a year.” Claus Wagner, Hamilton police.

There are at least 100 officers in the city trained to test for drug impairment, they will also be taking part in the daily ride lanes.