‘Totally unacceptable’ Fred Eisenberger fuming over morning protest on front lawn

Fred Eisenberger is not happy about the protests on his front lawn early Friday morning.

The mayor tweeted early that he and his family were woken up by protesters yelling profanity and banging on his doors.

Eisenberger says it is unacceptable and that police are following up on how best to address the situation.

He wants to ensure that dialog be the only way to go about the situation.

It is believed that some protesters on Eisenberger’s lawn were the same protesters who shouted down Sam Merulla at City Hall on Wednesday. Protesters are taking issue with the councillors after their comments about the Pride protests at Gage Park in Hamilton.

Sam Merulla said that protesters were just using this for politics and that they are ‘stirring the pot’.

Eisenberger asked for the hecklers to be removed causing backlash and accusations that he does not support the LGBTQ community.

The mayor was then greeted with over 20 protesters and signs hacked into his front lawn reading ‘The Mayor doesn’t care about queer people’.

Eisenberger says he will not stand for this, and that he is working with police to hold those who have broken any laws accountable for them.