Tortured dog

This is the worst case of animal cruelty investigators in Welland have ever seen, and a warning the details are disturbing.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, the body of an emaciated German Shepherd was discovered in the recreational canal. The necropsy confirmed shocking details, the young dog had been tied up, hit in the head with a sharp object and dumped in the water, where the helpless animal drowned.

The body of the dog was found by a group of girls on April 29th.  She was in the water of the canal stuck in the gap between the amphitheatre and the floating stage. The dog was emaciated and she had 2 holes in her head. “Originally we thought it could be 2 small bullet holes in the dog’s skull but it was actually caused by blunt force trauma.” Says John Greer from the Human Society.

Investigators speculate someone may have taken a rock to her head, she was tied up with an electrical cord around her head down her body, her feet were hog-tied. She was likely in the water less than 48 hours. The killer used 8 knots, when one would have subdued her. Investigators believe she was deliberately tortured.

Niagara Police are working directly with the Humane Society, 2 detectives are on this case, their concern anybody who could deliberately torture a defenceless animal would have no problem attacking a human. Investigators are appealing for help from the public in their effort to hunt down this dog killer no matter how insignificant you think your information may be.


  1. What sick person is this? That poor dog… I hope they catch this person and put him or her in prison for many many years and not just a fine. More has to be done for people like this. Sick, sick people, that’s all I can say.

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