Tips to reduce the risk of injury with your New Year’s fitness program

With the new year comes new fitness goals, and to help prevent exercise injuries we were joined by certified poedorthist with Kintec Footwear and Orthotics, Anthony Harper. 

A pedorthist specializes in the anatomy and biomechanics of lower limbs and uses devices such as Custom Foot Orthotics, footwear, braces and compression socks to treat injuries and conditions of the feet and lower legs. 

Wearing the right shoe

Harper says footwear can be a key factor in causing injury, or preventing it. He says people first need to make sure their shoe has plenty of tread, especially in the winter. 

“Almost like winter tires for your feet…also [you will want] ones that are waterproof to keep you safe, secure and comfortable,” said Harper. “That’s going to improve the overall experience.”

Warming up

Harper says it is very important to warm up and stretch before doing any exercise. He says depending on the weather, you should do exercise inside your home before going outside, so your muscles are prepared. 

On top of this, Harper says staying consistent is not only a great way of staying in shape, but it helps with prevention of injury because muscles are being strengthened.