Tips for staying happy and enjoying what’s left of winter

January may be cold and dark, but lifestyle expert Afiya Francisco has a few hints for warming up and enjoying what’s left of winter.

Create a greenery sanctuary 

Francisco says this can be as simple as just visiting the florist or a flower shop near you to get a moment of pause.

“[Buying flowers] freshens the air and it just looks beautiful, particularly if you’re able to accumulate a whole bunch,” said Francisco. “Doing that for yourself is a really nice moment that brings a little bit of life into the house and really does feel great.”

Skin Care

Francisco recommends Vichy B3 lip active serum. It combats dark spots and wrinkles and feels great.

“This is brand new out of the gate, so this is something that you definitely want to give a chance,” said Francisco. “You can use it morning and night and it just feels lovely.”

Rewarding Rituals

“We’ve all been through a lot and we deserve a little unabashed, guilt-free treat,” said Francisco. 

She recommends the Scene Plus loyalty program. You can earn rewards at various different retailers such as Indigo, The Bay, Cineplex and more. You can redeem your points for gift cards. 

“This is making your money work harder for you,” said Francisco. “When the time comes to redeem it, you can enjoy a little treat for yourself and not feel like you’re spending money on yourself, you can enjoy it.”

Enjoy and Celebrate the Cycle of the Moon

Francisco suggests that if you’re not going outside for whatever reason, it is nice when you have a little event to look forward to, such as the moon.

“It might just be a diffuser that you choose to light on those days, or Oracle cards,” said Francisco. “You pick one and it gives something like ‘take care of yourself’. Little things that make it feel special and nice.”