Tim Bosma day 20

A Hamilton jury saw more evidence that Tim Bosma was shot while in the passenger seat of his own truck almost 3 years ago.
Dellen Millard and Mark Smich are on trial for his first degree murder.

When Tim Bosma’s truck was found, most of the cab of the truck had been torn out, the seats were found in the trailer burned down to the slats.

A blood spatter expert said that even a truck that has been washed down and ripped apart can still hold a lot of evidence.

The blood spatter expert testified that when he examined Tim Bosma’s truck, he couldn’t find much of the evidence he normally looks for because the seats and carpeting had been removed, and they would have held most of the blood after what the expert called, a blood-letting event in the car.

He could tell from the spatter that the source of the blood was in front of the glove box.

Blood was forced out by force, like in a shooting. He could tell it had been cleaned up, but blood was still crammed into cracks of the dashboard, and blood even made it into the closed glove box.

The Crown’s theory is that Dellen Millard was driving, and Mark Smich was in the seat behind him when they took Tim Bosma to test drive his truck. Tim Bosma was in the passenger seat.

In his cross examination, Smich’s lawyer asked whether the fatal shot had to have come from the driver, if Tim Bosma was shot in the neck and the window shattered.

Court hadn’t heard anything previously about where Tim Bosma was shot.

The court then heard from a gunshot residue expert, who began to testify about a yellow toolbox he examined.

The jury previously saw that toolbox in a picture taken at Dellen Millard’s house.

One juror felt ill Monday afternoon so court ended abruptly, and a bit early.

Court resumes Tuesday with more from the forensic chemist on gunshot residue.


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