Ticats control their own destiny

Ticats control their own destiny

An Argo loss on Friday night would ensure a playoff spot for the Cats. But Kent Austin’s team is determined to win — no matter what happens in Toronto.

Austin has a list of “mantras” that he repeats frequently to reporters. But the one we hear him proclaim most often is: “focus on what’s in your control”.
And while the Ticats may control their own playoff hopes this week, the eight-points they need to win the East division title is an uncertainty.

Coach Kent Austin: “You can’t guarantee a point spread. What you can guarantee is executing well. And whatever the point spread is at the end of the game, it is what it is.”

The Ticat defense has been heavily relied-upon over the past few weeks to keep this team in games — and not one, but two pick-six plays this past weekend can be credited for keeping the Cats in contention in Ottawa.

Ted Laurent also led the attack against Henry Burris with two of the team’s four sacks.

Zach Collaros says he was pleased with the offensive performance overall, but knows there’s plenty of room for improvement: “Still have to execute a lot better when we’re in the red zone and score more touchdowns and that’s gonna’ be huge this week because we’re facing a very good team and very good defense.”

Special teams will also have to put their best foot forward, and Brandon Banks surely did that in Ottawa. His 103 yard kick return touchdown earned him his second “Special Teams Player of the Week” honour for the season, and he hopes it’s not his last: “I feel great. Honoured to have it, but I hope I can get it next week, because if I can get it next week that means I did something good in a mandatory, must win game.”