Three arrested as Burlington defrauded out of $500K


Three people have been arrested for defrauding the City of Burlington out of over $500,000.

Halton Police say the city was the target of a sophisticated email fraud scam in April 2019.

According to the city, a phishing email went out to city staff requesting a change to banking information for a city vendor.

The city says it’s changed its protocols to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

An internal investigation found the IT system was not compromised, no employees were involved in the fraud and no personal information was shared.

After a year-long investigation, police arrested Abayomi Musa, 38, of Toronto, Adnan Nawaz, 39, of Brampton and Hardness Oppong, 37, of Toronto.

The three have been charged with Fraud over $5,000.

They’ll make their first court appearances in October.