The Santa Claus parade!


The annual gateway event to the holiday season was hopping in Hamilton today. The Santa Claus Parade decked the downtown with cheers and Christmas spirit. David Brennan put his elf boots to the ground and his pen to paper to cover the festivities this year.
T’was the parade before Christmas, and all through the streets, the crowd bundled early, ensuring good seats.

The weather was damp, but the civic pride ample.

The boppers are bopping, the Santa toys hopping.

Hot cocoa is ready, some just can’t stay steady.

We’re off to a start, the hounds are all here.

Don’t know what these are, but they bring lots of cheer.

Gotta have bag pipes, and also some loud pipes.

“Who are we waiting for? Santa Claus!!”

The local police are here on patrol, the roller derby girls are happy to roll.

The marching bands play without any fear,

Darth Vader is present. Why is he here?

Children pass by on truck on the quick, while everyone still waits for jolly Saint Nick.

Finally, finally, he’s here.

Oh wait that’s just Brian Wood with lots good cheer.

There’s he is, it’s Santa, he’s here,

With a special shout out for our viewers so dear,

“Merry Christmas CH TV, God love you.”

The kids are so happy, with the band strikes again,

another parade finished, let the season begin!