The Niagara Regional Police board says it will review their hiring processes

Niagara’s police services board is reviewing its hiring practices following the resignation of a constable who was arrested three times in under a year and a shooting involving two of their own police officers.

Last week, Niagara regional police constable Nathan Parker was shot by a fellow cop in Pelham after an altercation with another Niagara officer at the scene of an active impaired driving investigation. At last word, Parker is still recovering in hospital from multiple gun shot wounds. The case has been taken over by the SIU.

Also last week, constable Mark Taks resigned from the Niagara police service. He is facing charges including criminal harassment and drug related offences. Taks also faced internal disciplinary charges before his resignation

Chief Bryan MacCullough says restoring public confidence in the force is a priority.

“We hire from the human race. With that we have individuals that make mistakes and we hold people accountable for any transgressions they may have.”