The former regional Chief Administrative Officer for the Niagara Region quits and files a lawsuit

Carmen D’Angelo has officially quit his position with the Niagara Region and launched a lawsuit worth close to a million dollars for wrongful dismissal.

The former Regional Chief Administrative Officer is claiming he was constructively dismissed and filed a claim.

CHCH obtained the statement of claim today.

He wants three year’s salary and his benefits, as well as claiming mental suffering all of this totaling nearly a million dollars. He is also under investigation by the Ontario ombudsmen.

At the heart of it is the 2016 selection process for his position where he was reported to have been fed answers to questions he was going to be asked during the hiring process.

The investigation is also looking into his subsequent contract extension which included a termination clause worth a million dollars.

In the lawsuit against the region he claims he was wrongfully dismissed.

CHCH spoke with the interim CAO today who wouldn’t say much but because D’Angleo no longer employed by the Region, Council can move forward in their recruitment of a new CAO.

“I can confirm two things; that Carmen D’Angelo is no longer employed by the Region of Niagara so I am acting CAO and have been in that capacity since December. I can also confirm that Mr. D’Angelo has initiated or commenced legal proceedings against the Region of Niagara.”

People in the community have been in the dark on this issue for some time. On the topic of next steps interim CAO Ron Tripp said today he is planning a special meeting of Niagara Regional Council which will take place on February 14.

It is a closed session.

This is where they will begin dialogue on what options are available and he will take direction from council members in terms of how quickly they will move to find a replacement.

Tripp also told CHCH that he doesn’t have plans to compete in the selection process. Eventually, it will be a new person in the role but when, it is not clear.