The 9th annual Darling Home for Kids Fundraiser set a new record

Fernandos daughter Kathryn was born premature 21 weeks with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and visual impairment. It has been constant care, constant struggle to trust someone to make sure she has her medication and to make sure she does not aspirate or go into a seizure.

Kathryn requires 24-hour care, 7-days a week when Ferenando’s wife is not taking that on, the Darling Home for Kids is there for them. They provide respite, hospice and residential care for kids who require intensive nursing support on a daily basis and are often technologically dependent.

On Sunday, they held their 9th annual wheels for the Darling Home for Kids event a 25, 50, or 100-kilometre cycling fundraiser. The operating costs are part of government programs, but the various projects such as the accessible play area and back yard oasis are made possible only through fundraising.

A record-breaking 119 riders raised over $100,000, but Fernando says that the care the Darling Home provides and the full nights sleep his wife gets, that is priceless.